Writing a Will for someone else

risky is it not a good idea to use an online Will making platform like EzWills to create a Will for someone else? Helping someone
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Will signing witnessed via skype or zoom – is such a Will valid?

Can a Will be validly made if the will maker's signature is witnessed remotely via video call, skype, facetime or zoom? This question has arisen
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Is a Will signed digitally using an electronic signature valid?

“Is a Will signed digitally using an electronic signature valid?” and “can I have my Will signed with my witnesses watching on Skype?” are questions
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What is a Mirror Will or what are Mirror Wills?

Mirror Wills are wills usually made by couples (married or unmarried) that ‘mirror’ each other. They are different from identical wills in that identical wills
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Plane passengers

Simultaneous death of a couple – what happens?

If 2 persons die under circumstances where it is impossible to know who died first the commorientes rule applies and the elder is deemed to have died 1st. This may lead to an inequitable outcome.
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