Basics of Writing a Will in Singapore

Basics of Writing a Will in Singapore When making a Will or Writing a Will in Singapore there are really only 2 things you absolutely

Making a Will in Singapore during a pandemic

COVID restrictions on the size of group gatherings may stop groups of 3 persons coming together to sign and witness a Will. You should make your Will ASAP in case restrictions on group sizes are re-imposed.

Executor of a Will – how joint executors decide

If more than one executor is appointed how do they make decisions? What happens if executors disagree or can't agree?

Executor of Will protecting infant’s inheritance

Infant beneficiaries & the Executor of Will's role Some people worry about the safety of your infant children’s inheritance upon your passing. This is a

Probate meaning & process explained

Probate means the process by which the executor applies to the Court to have the Will approved and Probate granted. The executor has to prove the Will. If accepted probate is granted and executor can proceed to deal with the estate.