Why we have a blog

Why we have a blog


The majority of adults do not have a Will. This is a fact.

In 2013 there were 18,938 deaths in Singapore (https://www.singstat.gov.sg/find-data/search-by-theme/population/death-and-life-expectancy/visualising-data).  That year only 14,647 wills were deposited with the Wills Registry (https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/wills-registry-charge-s50-submissions ).

So in 2013 the majority of adults in Singapore had not made a will plus more people died than those who made a Will that year. Unless something changes this situation will not improve.

At EzWills we want to see a change. We aim to help as many people as possible make their Wills easily, quickly and cheaply as we can. We developed our website with this in mind.

However, a website has limitations. We can only scratch the surface in discussing complex issues in the few pages on our website.

This is why we are starting this blog – to discuss in greater detail important matters.

Our blog aims to discuss some of the important issues touched on already on our site such as the reasons why you need to have a Will.

In addition, our blog will also get into topics that we do not deal with on our site but which perhaps can only be properly dealt with by a consultation with a lawyer who specialises in Wills.


Problem beneficiaries

For example, as EzWills is online only, it is extremely difficult and perhaps realistically impossible for our site to deal with issues such as  problem beneficiaries. A testator may have a problem beneficiary who may perhaps be an alcoholic or a gambler and is the only off-spring of the testator. There may also be testators who need to make a Will to provide for a disabled child.

These matters are important and require consideration. Though our website may not be able to deal with such a topic a blog will allow us to raise and address these sorts of issues.

Maybe it is a superstitious fear but many people are failing to discuss the consequences of dying without a Will. We want to be able to start important conversations that need to happen.

We hope you will find our blog useful and informative.

Feel free to share our blog posts if you find an article useful. Conversations need to be started on some difficult subjects.

Don’t forget to visit our site (https://ezwills.com.sg) after reading our blog posts.

18 February 2019