Joint tenants’ right of survivorship

Has a recent court decision changed the law on joint tenancy survivorship rights in Singapore? In December 2021 Singapore’s Court of Appeal delivered judgement in
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Severing a joint tenancy

Property, joint tenant, will & survivorship

Property held as a joint tenant, the survivorship right of a joint tenant and the giving of a property held as joint tenant by Will
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What happens if a beneficiary dies?

To answer the question ‘what happens if a beneficiary dies’ three factors need to be taken into account. We need to know when the death occurs, if the beneficiary is a child of the will maker and we need to know if the Will has provisions for a beneficiary predeceasing.
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Online Will in Singapore – a new dawn?

The way wills are written in Singapore remained unchanged for 200 years. In that time most people in Singapore still don't have a Will. Online Wills arrived in 2018. Are online Wills the new dawn that changes the game?
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Basics of Writing a Will in Singapore

Basics of Writing a Will in Singapore When making a Will or Writing a Will in Singapore there are really only 2 things you absolutely
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