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Simultaneous death

If 2 persons die under circumstances where it is impossible to know who died first the commorientes rule applies and the elder is deemed to have died 1st. This may lead to an inequitable outcome.
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Same sex couples without Wills

If someone in a same sex relationship and living in Singapore passes away without a Will the legal situation is quite clear. The law treats
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How to write a Will – 3 things you must get right

When making a Will in Singapore many people just google 'How to write a Will?' or 'How should I make a Will?'. Really, it is
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Leaving nothing to a spouse in your Will

When writing a Will Singapore law requires a Will Maker to leave something for the spouse of the Will Maker. Inheritance Family Provision Act (Cap.
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When must I update my Will?

If you write your Will with proper planning and foresight you may find that you do not need to update your Will for a long
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