When must I update my Will?

If you write your Will with proper planning and foresight you may find that you do not need to update your Will for a long
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Foreign based assets – concurrent or international Will?

It is not uncommon for people in Singapore to have assets located overseas. You have foreign born persons who move to Singapore but keep assets
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Providing for children in your Will – to state their names or not?

In making a Will in Singapore or writing a Will there is no legal requirement that you have to state a person’s name in full
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De facto or co-habitating couples without Wills

What happens if you are in a de facto relationship or co-habitating and pass away without a Will? Unless you are legally married Singaporean law
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Dealing with Real Estate in a Will

"I have a private Property and HDB in joint names with my husband. How can I transfer my share to my two children in our
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