Dealing with Real Estate in a Will

"I have a private Property and HDB in joint names with my husband. How can I transfer my share to my two children in our
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Young beneficiaries and managing their inheritance

What can a will maker do about leaving a large inheritance to young children? As discussed in a previous post, children that lose both their
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Mistakes that can happen after you’ve written your Will

Drafting or writing your Will yourself is a good thing. However, you may still make mistakes that may invalidate your Will. The following are just
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Testamentary trust and the “problem” dependent

What happens if you have a spendthrift dependent or one who is unable manage money? In making your Will you have to worry about leaving
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The Role of a Guardian appointed by a Will

The role of a person appointed as Guardian in a Will is to raise the children. Nothing else. The exception would be when the guardian
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